Jeremy Loops (Support: Amistat)

Jeremy Loops played a show in the Flex in Vienna with support by Amistat.
Seen on: 19.9.2022

I’ve seen Jeremy Loops a couple of times live now, so I was pretty confident that I would get a good show – and I was right. That the concert was moved to a smaller location than originally planned also worked in my favor as I was pretty much the only person during the concert who wore a mask and so a smaller location with fewer people was a good thing for me, even if it wasn’t for the musicians. Anyhow, I’ll be happy to show up at the next Jeremy Loops concert again.

Jeremy Loops on a beach with sunglasses and a guitar he's playing.
Jeremy Loops.

I didn’t know Amistat before that day, but I quite liked their sound, although I found it very different from Jeremy Loops and only moderately suited as an intro for his concert. They play rather calm, melodic songs that don’t really mesh with the more free-spirited, party-suited Loops. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy listening to them. Plus, they also left a very nice personal impression. I can see myself returning for one of their shows.

The difference between the two also became pretty apparent when they closed their part with thanking the audience for listening to calmly to their music (I was standing more in the back and unfortunately didn’t have that impression that much), and then Jeremy Loops came on stage and complained that everybody was too polite and quiet. It did take a couple of songs for the audience to readjust – but not long, that seems practically impossible with Loops’ energy on stage and his music.

Loops likes to interact with the audience, and he does so a lot. He asked for song requests at two points in the show which I thought a nice touch. And though he didn’t accept all wishes (which led to rather extensive heckling for him to play Thieves), he declined in a charming way, so it didn’t make the whole thing absurd in a “tell me what I should play! NO, not that!” way.

Anyway, it was a show filled with singing along, which he also included in his loops which I found really nice. Most of the time when we weren’t singing, we were dancing (sometimes also both at once) though there were also a few calmer songs inbetween. But mostly they went for the fun stuff to play life – a good choice, if you ask me. Loops commented on the fact that they simply have too many songs now to play all of them during a show. I liked their selection and setlist, giving us simply a fun night.

Summarizing: excellent show.

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