Editors played a concert in the Gasometer in Vienna.
Seen on: 17.10.2022
[Here are my reviews of their other concerts.]

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that I go to pretty much every Editors concert that they play in Vienna – it’s become a tradition for my friend * and me. Now we’ve had a bit of a longer break with COVID and all, but they came back and so did we. And I still haven’t grown tired of their music and gigs, nor of this tradition we have.

the band sittingand standing in front of a black background, all dressed in black. The floor is lit with white lighting.

This show felt rather reduced, starting with the fact that they didn’t have a supporting act (for the rest of the tour, they do have one from what I gather). But there was also not much of a crowd. The light show was rather simple. That Tom Smith doesn’t do audience interaction doesn’t surprise anymore (and frankly, it would feel weird if he started to just talk to the audience and lead sing-alongs, or what have you – I’d rather have him authentically focused on the music and nothing else).

This reduction is not something I’m lamenting, I have to say. They really don’t need anything else than themselves and their song and a bit of colored lighting. I certainly had a great time singing along and dancing and just generally cutting loose a little (it helped that I had just recovered from corona and was therefore in that safe spot of immunity before possibly getting re-infected again, and so I was able to relax a bit better in the crowd).

Their set-list was unsurprisingly focused on the new album, but since that is a banger again, that is really not something I minded. And since they played a really long show – about two hours – they got enough of their old hits in as well, ending, as usual, with Papillon.

Overall, it was a great evening, and I’m looking forward to continuing my tradition at the next concert they play.

Summarizing: reliably great.

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