Dara Ó Briain: Voice of Reason

Dara Ó Briain came to Vienna for a show, originally with his Voice of Reason program, but thanks to a couple of postponements, it was a bit of a mix of programs.
Seen on: 18.11.2022

Dara Ó Briain has brought us a funny mix of bits that include talking about touring as a comedian, getting knee surgery and a lot of interaction with the audience, especially people in the front row. I had a really good time and laughed until I cried.

The tour poster showing Dara Ô Briain screaming with his name and "Voice of Reason" in a megaphone shape coming from his mouth.

Dara Ó Briain came on my radar many years ago, mostly with his science and atheism bits that really spoke to me, at least at the time. Even though I hadn’t engaged with his comedy in a while, when he came to Vienna, I was happy to buy tickets with his shows, although I was a bit worried that he might have gone the way of Dawkins and the like who abuse their atheism for a feeling of superiority that leads straight to fascism. And I was worried, as I am worried with all comedians nowadays, that there might be some transmisia in his program. Fortunately I need not have worried. The program was free of both of those things.

Instead we got some really funny bits about pole-dancing that was neither lewd nor crude. We got some bits about walking with a stick or going to the doctor for having warm feet that are nicely self-deprecating. All delivered in his fast-talking and a little mumbled way that is surprisingly easy to understand and pretty charming.

I have to say that I was glad that I wasn’t in the frown row(s) because I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed getting roasted by him all that much. That being said, his roasting is never mean-spirited, and I’m pretty sure that the people who did get that treatment didn’t mind. It’s just good to be aware that this is a thing that will probably happen at his show and choose your seats according to preference.

In any case, I enjoyed myself a lot. It’s been a while that I saw a stand-up program, and Ó Briain’s definitely delivers what you hope for when you go see a stand-up comedian. I will happily go to his next show, should he make his way to Vienna again.

Summarizing: good times.

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