Pirmdzimtais [Firstborn] (2017)

Director: Aik Karapetian
Writer: Aik Karapetian
Cast: Maija Doveika, Kaspars Znotins, Dainis Grube, Kaspars Zale
Seen on: 28.6.2019
[Screener Review.]

Katrina (Maija Doveika) and Francis (Kaspars Znotins) have been a couple for a while and things can be a little tense between them. When they are assaulted by a biker (Kaspars Zale), they are both pretty shellshocked. Katrina turns to a police officer for help, leaving Francis feeling inadequate: he couldn’t stop the assault in the first place and now he isn’t even good enough to help afterwards. Determined to prove his worth, he seeks out the biker himself, but their confrontation goes differently than planned.

Firstborn has a strong first half, but then lost me in the second half, unfortunately, when it becomes muddled, confusing and a little boring. But there’s a lot of material for thought about masculinity in the film, so that’s something.

The film poster showing Maija Doveika and Kaspars Znotins.
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M.O.Zh. [The Man in the Orange Jacket] (2014)

Director: Aik Karapetian
Writer: Aik Karapetian
Cast: Maxim Lazarev, Anta Aizupe, Aris Rozentals
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 30.4.2015
[Reviews by cornholio and Maynard.]

After the closing of a factory, former factory worker Dan (Maxim Lazarev) takes revenge on his ex-employer (Aris Rozentals) and his wife (Anta Aizupe). He shows up at their house, kills them and dumps their bodies in the basement, while taking over their luxurious house. He soon notices though, that he can’t settle down as he thought he could.

Many of the films at this year’s spring edition of the /slash Filmfestival were really pretty to look at, but the content couldn’t quite keep up with the images. M.O.Zh., to me, was one of those.

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