Nachtlärm [Lullaby Ride] (2012)

Nachtlärm [literally: Night Noise]
Director: Christoph Schaub
Writer: Martin Suter
Cast: Alexandra Maria Lara, Sebastian Blomberg, Georg Friedrich, Carol Schuler, Andreas Matti

Livia (Alexandra Maria Lara) and Marco (Sebastian Blomberg) are exhausted. Their little baby Tim just won’t stop crying and doesn’t sleep unless they go for long drives through the entire night. During one such a drive though, their car gets stolen by small-time crook Jorge (Georg Friedrich) and his new girlfriend Claire (Carol Schuler) – with Tim still in the car. Livia and Marco in turn steal a car to follow them and that’s the kick-off to one crazy night.

Oh people, the things I watch for Georg Friedrich… sometimes I hate myself for it. Nachtlärm is pretty uninspired and at 94 minutes still way too long. But Georg Friedrich does his usual thing so very well that at least you can get some enjoyment out of that.

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Giulias Verschwinden [Julia’s Disappearance] (2009)

Giulias Verschwinden is the newest movie by Christoph Schaub, written by Martin Suter and starring Corinna Harfouch and Bruno Ganz.

On the way to her fiftieth birthday party, Giulia [For some reason, Julia in the English version] (Corinna Harfouch), unhappy with becoming another year older, meets an interesting stranger (Bruno Ganz).
In the meantime, Leonie (Christine Schorn) celebrates her 80th birthday and tries to escape growing older by behaving like a teenage rebel.
In another meantime, Jessica (Elisa Schlott) who is an actual teenager tries to find a birthday present for her boyfriend. And by find, I mean steal.

Giulias Verschwinden is a nice comedy. Nothing too special but it has some good laughs and a fine cast. It’s no masterpiece but it’s entertaining.

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