Nachtlärm [Lullaby Ride] (2012)

Nachtlärm [literally: Night Noise]
Director: Christoph Schaub
Writer: Martin Suter
Cast: Alexandra Maria Lara, Sebastian Blomberg, Georg Friedrich, Carol Schuler, Andreas Matti

Livia (Alexandra Maria Lara) and Marco (Sebastian Blomberg) are exhausted. Their little baby Tim just won’t stop crying and doesn’t sleep unless they go for long drives through the entire night. During one such a drive though, their car gets stolen by small-time crook Jorge (Georg Friedrich) and his new girlfriend Claire (Carol Schuler) – with Tim still in the car. Livia and Marco in turn steal a car to follow them and that’s the kick-off to one crazy night.

Oh people, the things I watch for Georg Friedrich… sometimes I hate myself for it. Nachtlärm is pretty uninspired and at 94 minutes still way too long. But Georg Friedrich does his usual thing so very well that at least you can get some enjoyment out of that.

Pretty much everything that you think will happen in this film, does happen and in exactly the way you think it will happen to boot. The only thing that did surprise me in the movie was that, apparently, Switzerland is inhabitated by Germans (and one Austrian). There’s not even a hint of a Swiss accent anywhere in the film. And I know that German speakers are perpetually afraid of not understanding the more outlandish dialects, but this is just ridiculous. I mean, they managed to have Swiss people in The Bourne Identity, it should be possible to have them in a Swiss movie.

But other than that the movie was just way too cliché to really resonate. And then it became really repetitive and started to drag. There’s only so much you can do with a 90 minutes car chase. Which is why it’s usually only one scene and not the enitre film.

And the plot is not the only thing that was just paper-thin in this movie. The characters were so thin they barely existed. Even though they tried to break the clichés up with Claire and Jorge, they did so by just introducing stereotypes from the other end of the spectrum. The only one who made me a little more curious about herself was Claire, but since we don’t actually get anything there either, it loses its appeal quickly, too.

In the end it’s Georg Friedrich who really brings the entertainment. He usually plays the slimy crooks and he does so with a whole lot of verve and talent. Plus, he’s just funny. So even though he doesn’t do anything new, it still works on me. But I would be hesitant to say that it was worth the entire film.

Summarising: Only if you really like Georg Friedrich.

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