Geostorm (2017)

Director: Dean Devlin
Writer: Dean Devlin, Paul Guyot
Cast: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie CornishAlexandra Maria LaraDaniel WuEugenio DerbezAmr WakedAdepero OduyeAndy GarciaEd HarrisRobert SheehanRichard SchiffMare WinninghamZazie Beetz
Seen on: 7.11.2017

To control climate change, the world has teamed up and created a network of satellites that can control the weather itself. But when the satellites are weaponized, Max (Jim Sturgess), who is in charge of the satellite program for the US government, knows that he has to get his brother Jake (Gerard Butler) on board to help: Jake developed the program and knows it like no other, but he was discharged and replaced by Max, so he may not be entirely inclined to go up into space to fix stuff. And of course, the question remains who is weaponizing the weather in the first place.

Geostorm is really the perfect movie to get drunk to: if you, like me, don’t spend a minute really thinking about it, in fact, if you don’t take it seriously at all, you’re going to have a blast with it. I sure did.

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Rush (2013)

Director: Ron Howard
Writer: Peter Morgan
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl, Olivia Wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara, Pierfrancesco Favino, David Calder, Natalie Dormer, Stephen Mangan, Christian McKay

James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) is a cocky race car driver who dreams of finally making it into Formula One. When his path crosses with Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl), their personalities immediately clash, giving rise to a giant rivalry. When Niki buys his way into Formula One, James follows suit. But their rivalry becomes increasingly risky, which finally leads to a horrific accident.

We’ve been bombarded with trailers for this movie for quite a while – so much so that I almost didn’t want to see it anymore when it finally come out. But I went anyway and was generally rather pleasantly surprised by it.


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Nachtlärm [Lullaby Ride] (2012)

Nachtlärm [literally: Night Noise]
Director: Christoph Schaub
Writer: Martin Suter
Cast: Alexandra Maria Lara, Sebastian Blomberg, Georg Friedrich, Carol Schuler, Andreas Matti

Livia (Alexandra Maria Lara) and Marco (Sebastian Blomberg) are exhausted. Their little baby Tim just won’t stop crying and doesn’t sleep unless they go for long drives through the entire night. During one such a drive though, their car gets stolen by small-time crook Jorge (Georg Friedrich) and his new girlfriend Claire (Carol Schuler) – with Tim still in the car. Livia and Marco in turn steal a car to follow them and that’s the kick-off to one crazy night.

Oh people, the things I watch for Georg Friedrich… sometimes I hate myself for it. Nachtlärm is pretty uninspired and at 94 minutes still way too long. But Georg Friedrich does his usual thing so very well that at least you can get some enjoyment out of that.

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Small World (2010)

Small World is Bruno Chiche‘s adaptation of Martin Suter‘s book, starring Gérard Depardieu, Alexandra Maria Lara, Françoise Fabian, Niels Arestrup, Nathalie Baye* and Yannick Renier.

Simone (Alexandra Maria Lara) just got married to Philippe (Yannick Renier), youngest member of a very rich family. When obviously senile Konrad (Gérard Depardieu) shows up, it is clear that he is somehow connected to the family – and Simone starts to show an interest in him. But matriarch Elvira (Françoise Fabian) seems worried about the childhood memories that keep bubbling up in Konrad.

Small World is a nice film, though at times it seems a little too clichéd. The cast is brilliant, especially Gérard Depardieu.

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Vertraute Fremde [A Distant Neighbourhood] (2010)

Vertraute Fremde is the adaptation of Jirô Taniguchi‘s manga. It was directed by Sam Garbarski and stars Pascal Greggory, Léo Legrand and Alexandra Maria Lara.

Thomas (Pascal Greggory) is a comic artist who has written and drawn one famous series, though he hasn’t been able to continue working for it for quite a while. When he wants to return from a comic con to Paris, he gets on the wrong train and happens to arrive in the village he grew up in. He spends his waiting time reminiscing, finally visiting his mother’s grave. At the cemetary, though, he breaks down – and when he wakes up, he’s a teenager (Léo Legrande) again. Hardly believing it himself, Thomas sets out to understand what made his father leave all those years ago, never to be heard of again.

It’s a nice movie. It’s very well cast and the story itself is interesting. And yet, the film didn’t blow me away. I don’t regret seeing it, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression either.

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The Reader (2008)

The Reader is the Oscar winning movie based on Bernhard Schlink‘s novel, directed by Stephen Daldry, written by David Hare and starring Kate Winslet, David Kross, Ralph Fiennes and Lena Olin.

Michael Berg (David Kross/Ralph Fiennes) is fifteen, when he meets Hanna (Kate Winslet), who is about 20 years his senior. They start having an affair and Hanna insists more and more that Michael reads to her. Their affair lasts for a summer, then Hannah disappears.
Michael goes on to study the law. When one of his teachers (Bruno Ganz) brings him to a trial of concentration camp guards, Michael recognises Hanna as one of the accused.
What ensues is a look at responsibility and guilt, pride and choices.

The movie is very well done, but it’s missing one essential thing: the personal connection. You don’t feel with the characters, you don’t care too much about them. All of the important things speak to your head – and that’s not enough to make for a really compelling film.


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