Definitely Dead (Charlaine Harris)

[Since the stuff I have to blog about is piling up, I’ll try to do a two post per day period. I don’t know how long I can keep that up, but in the meantime: Enjoy.]

Definitely Dead is the sixth book* of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. [Here’s my review of the other books.]

Sookie’s cousin Hadley, the Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne’s girlfriend, was killed. So Sookie goes to New Orleans, leaving behind her new boyfriend Quinn, a weretiger with whom she was just attacked by a bunch of werewolves. In New Orleans, Sookie meets Amelia, a powerful witch and Hadley’s landlady. While in New Orleans, Sookie gets drawn into Sophie-Anne’s problems with her new husband, the King of Arkansas.

Oh, the usually weak plotting is even weaker in this one. But there were some important reveals in this book and it was a fine read.

*Pro-Tip: If you read the short story One Word Answer before this book, you’ll get the notification of Hadley’s death together with Sookie.

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