Definitely Dead (Charlaine Harris)

[Since the stuff I have to blog about is piling up, I’ll try to do a two post per day period. I don’t know how long I can keep that up, but in the meantime: Enjoy.]

Definitely Dead is the sixth book* of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. [Here’s my review of the other books.]

Sookie’s cousin Hadley, the Queen of Louisiana Sophie-Anne’s girlfriend, was killed. So Sookie goes to New Orleans, leaving behind her new boyfriend Quinn, a weretiger with whom she was just attacked by a bunch of werewolves. In New Orleans, Sookie meets Amelia, a powerful witch and Hadley’s landlady. While in New Orleans, Sookie gets drawn into Sophie-Anne’s problems with her new husband, the King of Arkansas.

Oh, the usually weak plotting is even weaker in this one. But there were some important reveals in this book and it was a fine read.

*Pro-Tip: If you read the short story One Word Answer before this book, you’ll get the notification of Hadley’s death together with Sookie.

Ugh, people, the plotting in these books is really what’s doing me in. Her stories are all over the place and her different plot threads never really come together. And why would Sophie-Anne trust her with her story? I mean that woman is over 1000 years old and has never told anyone her story and then along traipses Sookie and she just spills her guts? And is suddenly not able to solve her own problems anymore? And the resolution of the whole Pelt storyline came pretty much out of nowhere. Let’s just hope it’s really over now.

Another thing that should be really over now is Bill. Since Sookie is apparently done with him, can we be too?

Though her replacement… I just don’t get Quinn’s sexy. I mean, the parts that make him up aren’t that bad, but put together it makes a to me completely uninteresting package. (I was thinking that maybe he’s the exact opposite of Alcide, who is basically made up of a [very] republican girl’s wet dreams and still all kinds of hot to me, too.)

And talking about guys: Sookie is really kick-ass and it is obvious that Charlaine Harris takes great care to have her always be the rescuer and not the rescued and that’s awesome, but sometimes her morality just throws me off. So, Calvin is not a viable candidate for Sookie because he has a few kids with a few women? It’s not that there was a lot of chemistry between them in the first place, but that’s just really, really harsh. And no reason at all, let’s face it.

There was just way too little Eric in this book. But that’s basically true for every book except Dead to the World. So I guess I just have to deal with that.

At least the fairy reveal finally happened.

Summarising: This series will never be my favorite one, but it’s decent reading.

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