Tournée [On Tour] (2010)

Tournée is a movie directed by Mathieu Amalric, written by him, Marcelo Novais Teles, Philippe Di Folco and Raphaëlle Valbrune and starring Mimi Le Meaux, Kitten on the Keys, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Evie Lovelle, Roky Roulette and Amalric himself.

Tournée follows a group of American Burlesque dancers on tour through France. They were brought there by former TV producer Joachim Zand (Mathieu Amalric) who struggles with quite a few issues. He had to leave France and his entire life including his kids behind before and the tour is the first time he got back. Things start to escalate as they get closer to Paris.

I’m a little torn about this film. It’s very watchable, moves along at a good pace and has some interesting women in it – always points in favor. But it doesn’ t really go anywhere and Joachim was really an unnecessary character.

Burlesque is a very interesting movement and a lot of things in it resonate very well with me. There is something empowering about it, especially when it comes to body image issues. At one point one of them says, “It takes time to love your body”, which succinctly sums up everything that’s wrong with how we see our bodies.

But there is also the bit where Dirty Martini explains that they are doing a show by women and for women. All the while, Joachim, who basically pulls all the strings, stands in the background and smiles indulgently. Which shows what’s wrong with Burlesque, too.

So, there are a lot of things this movie could have been about – Burlesque itself, feminism, body issues or just the wonderful women that are in the film. Unfortunately, they decided to make the movie mostly about Joachim who is pretty boring.

But there is still a lot of awesome. I loved Kitten on the Keys and her songs. And Mimi Le Meaux might not be the strongest actress, but as long as she’s playing herself that still works very well.

Summarising: It could have been better, but it’s still an interesting thing.

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