Rise of the Gargoyles (2009)

Rise of the Gargoyles
Director: Bill Corcoran
Writer: Andy Briggs, Steve Horvath
Cast: Eric Balfour, Caroline Néron, Justin Salinger, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Nick Mancuso, Tanya Clarke
Seen on: 22.12.2019

Professor Jack Randall (Eric Balfour) is in a rut. His last publication on gargoyles has been widely discredited by the scientific community and ever since, he hasn’t been able to write or publish anything. His friend Carol (Tanya Clarke) tries to get him out of the hole and brings him to a church taht is currently being renovated. There in the basement, workers have uncovered something that she hopes will make Jack excited about his work again. But as they quickly find out: the discovery is neither historical nor theoretical.

Rise of the Gargoyles is a schlockfest that, I think, was just a little too serious to achieve Sharknado-like quality. It’s not good in any sense of the word, but there is some entertainment to be had here.

The fil poster showing a street from above with a monster-shaped hole in it.
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Fashionista (2016)

Director: Simon Rumley
Writer: Simon Rumley
Cast: Amanda FullerEthan EmbryEric BalfourAlex EssoeAlexandria DeBerryDevin BonnéeJemma Evans
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 28.9.2017

April (Amanda Fuller) and Eric (Ethan Embry) run a second hand clothing store together and are also a couple. Things have become tense between the two of them and April suspects that Eric has an affair. That’s when Randall (Eric Balfour) shows up. He’s rich, he is as interested in fashion as April is, and he feels dangerous – but to April, he is an irresistible draw as things with Eric go from bad to worse.

Fashionista was one of the strongest films of the /slash Filmfestival. A tense film with a great cast that had me on the edge of my seat with goosebumps all over pretty much the entire time.

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