Angelborn (L. Penelope)

Angelborn is the first in the Eternal Flame series by L. Penelope.
Finished on: 20.1.2021

Caleb is angelborn – his mother was an angel, his father human. He risked everything once for finding love in the human world, but didn’t succeed which sentenced him to spend eternity in the Wasteland. But he manages to escape together with another Wasteland resident, Wren, and knows he has another chance to find his soulmate and convince her to share her soul with him.
Maia has always seen ghosts and it hasn’t been easy, but she has learned to live with it. Only the ghost that is haunting her roommate at college claims that he isn’t a ghost at all, but alive. Maia doesn’t know what to believe when it comes to Caleb, but she knows that she shouldn’t be feeling about him the way she does.

As I was reading Angelborn, I wasn’t too sure whether I actually loved it. But I couldn’t stop reading and was absolutely engrossed, so it’s safe to say that I really enjoyed it.

The book cover showing the torso of a Black man wearing nothing but a leather jacket. Beneath him are the ruins of a city.
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