Angelfall (L. Penelope)

Angelfall is the second novel in the Eternal Flame series by L. Penelope.
Finished on: 21.02.2021
[Here’s my review of the first novel.]

Content Note: (critical treatment of) racism

Lyrix is the first angel to emerge in a thousand years. This means that she is still closest to the angels’ power source and should become a Seraph – one of the four angel leaders – relieving the fifth youngest angel. But Lyrix feels that she needs to explore the world a little more. That includes spending time with Wren. He is angelborn – his mother is an angel, his father human – and thus at the very bottom of the angel hierarchy. He, too, feels pulled towards Lyrix. But there is no room for their relationship in their world – so they hope that maybe in the human world, they are allowed some freedom.

Angelfall is a nice, quick and very enjoyable read but I also have to admit that I’m not too sad that there aren’t any more novels in the series. Though if Penelope ever continues writing it, I might pick it up anyway.

The book cover showing a woman from the nose down in a ripped shirt, below her a cityscape.

I expected more of a romance angle here, and it’s not like the novel is without romance, but it quickly turns into more of a family drama. The love between Lyrix and Wren is fast, obvious and not exactly without conflict, but the conflict lies outside their relationship. So, after they are established as a couple, things quickly turn elsewhere, in particular their descendant(s) and that particular storyline just didn’t interest me all that much.

Be that as it may, I did enjoy how Penelope expands the angels’ world in this one. We learn more about how things work and I still think it’s an intriguing world she built with an unusual take on angels. Maybe something more could have been done with the fact that angels can choose their gender and their appearance. Maybe that is something that could be made to work in a potential continuation.

The resolution here shows some promise for potential sequels, but it is very okay for me that there aren’t any (so far). I’m not burning for more, although to my surprise and delight Helix makes a return in this one (I thought I had read somewhere that he was only in the first novel) and he would probably play a bigger part in a third novel.

Summarizing: I am not falling over myself with enthusiasm, but I did enjoy both novels.

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