Ellie Goulding (Support: Charli XCX and Matthew Koma)

Ellie Goulding is a British singer-songwriter. She played a show in the Vienna Gasometer, with the support of Charli XCX and Matthew Koma.

Ellie Goulding’s show was short but awesome. Both the supporting bands weren’t my thing. But since I didn’t come for them but EG, all I can say is, whatever. She was great.

matthewkoma Matthew Koma

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The Tiger Lillies Freakshow

The Tiger Lillies Freakshow is a mixture of concert and circus and music theater, directed by Sebastiano Toma.

The Tiger Lillies perform songs about a Victorian Freakshow while we see acts from said Freakshow – a snake woman, “Siamese twins”, a juggler, etc. The songs are sometimes thoughtful meditation about human nature – as Toma puts it very nicely:

“Where is the freak in us? How big or how small does one have to be to  understand this world and be part of it? Are six arms enough to comfort someone? How many hearts must a woman have to fulfil her destiny? Is our palm big enough to hold everything we want? How many red ball noses does one have to wear to be funny?”

But sometimes they’re also very funny hymns to Lobotomy.

I liked the show, the music was great and they really captured the aesthetics of the time. Unfortunately the venue (the Gasometer in Vienna) was catastrophic.

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