Editors (Support Wintersleep and The Maccabees)

In November I went to the Editors concert in Vienna with deadra. They brought two supporting bands, Wintersleep and The Maccabees.


For some reason, Wintersleep started to play 20 minutes before the concert was supposed to start (and usually it starts a half hour after the official time). Therefore, deadra and me only caught the last song. But I really like their newest album and they are well worth checking out if you don’t know them.

The Maccabees

The Maccabees on the other hand are not my cup of tea. All their songs sound the same and that gets tiring pretty quickly. [Honestly, at one point during their show, I turned to deadra and asked if they were playing the song for the second time. And I was not trying to be funny – I actually meant it.] Anyways, that one song is okay, it just makes for a rather one-dimensional band experience and I have to admit that we left after they started to play it for the fourth time.

In the ways of crowd-warming, neither supporting band would have been my first choice, but thankfully, the Editors can handle themselves in that regard. And they did.


I have to admit that I warmed to the Editors mostly through their newest album – though I do like the earlier albums, In This Light and On This Evening is, imo, their best work so far. deadra, on the other hand, is more into their older stuff. But they managed to satisfy us both – they played for almost two hours, the setlist being neatly divided between their three albums.

The stage and light design was pretty cool and though they interacted rather little with the audience (and when he did, he had a tendency to mumble so it was a little hard to understand), in this case, their music was more than enough to have the crowds dancing pretty much the whole time.

Tom Smith has an interesting dancing style (if you can call it dancing) and also a tendency to brachiate from microphone stand to microphone stand. I don’t think that I have seen him longer than a couple of seconds without a mic in his hands. It was pretty fascinating to watch.

Summarising, it was a good show, very danceabel and sing-along-y.

4 thoughts on “Editors (Support Wintersleep and The Maccabees)

  1. Du musst auf facebook gehen, damit ich wnigstens ein paar Freunde dort hab (bin noch immer nicht auf 50.) Bei uns in Kärnten ist es schon ein Seltenheit, wenn wer eine e-mail Adresse tatsächlich nutzt =:o
    Diese Reallifefanatiker.

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