Angelo (2018)

Director: Markus Schleinzer
Writer: Alexander Brom, Markus Schleinzer
Cast: Makita Samba, Alba Rohrwacher, Larisa Faber, Kenny Nzogang, Lukas Miko, Gerti Drassl, Michael Rotschopf, Jean-Baptiste Tiémélé, Nancy Mensah-Offei, Christian Friedel
Seen on: 4.12.2018

Content Note: racism

The Countess (Alba Rohrwacher) wants a new accessoire, so she heads to the slave market to get herself a black boy. The first Angelo she gets gets ill and dies, unfortunately, so she gets another one. This Angelo (Kenny Nzogang) is hardier. He grows up in her household. Baptized and educated, Angelo Soliman (Makita Samba) becomes the court mascot in Vienna. But he will not be confined to his assigned role.

I’m afraid that I saw Angelo on the wrong day and in the wrong way, so I’m not sure how much of its lack of an effect on me is due to that and how much is the film itself. It definitely does have very strong moments and is interesting in many ways, so I definitely wouldn’t discount it entirely.

Angelo as a child (Kenny Nzogang) and the countess (Alba Rohrwacher) standing next to each other. She's praying.
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Liebe möglicherweise [Love Maybe] (2016)

Liebe möglicherweise
Director: Michael Kreihsl
Writer: Michael Kreihsl
Cast: Devid Striesow, Silke Bodenbender, Edita Malovcic, Hary Prinz, Gerti Drassl, Eva Sakálová, Christine Ostermayer, Astrit Alihajdaraj, Otto Schenk, Francis Okpata, Jana McKinnon, Norman Hacker
Seen on: 12.12.2016

After Michael (Devid Striesow) loses his job, he is reeling and his attentions focus on actress Leila (Edita Malovcic) who happens to be his friend’s Roland (Norman Hacker) girlfriend. Meanwhile Michael’s wife Monika (Silke Bodenbender) feels that Michael is keeping his distance and looks for intimacy with Roland. And Michael and Monika’s daughter Viktoria (Jana McKinnon) doesn’t exactly have an easy time navigating puberty.

Liebe möglicherweise tries very hard to be poignant, but it doesn’t even manage to be memorable. I had practically forgotten it the moment I left the cinema.

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Ma folie (2015)

Ma folie [literally translates to My Madness, there is no official English title as far as I know]
Director: Andrina Mracnikar
Writer: Andrina Mracnikar
Cast: Alice DwyerSabin TambreaOliver RosskopfGerti DrasslAnna Rot

Hanna (Alice Dwyer) is on holidays in France when she meets Yann (Sabin Tambrea) shortly before she has to leave. They spend a passionate weekend together, then Hanna returns to Vienna, where she regularly receives video messages from Yann, much to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend Goran (Oliver Rosskopf). Soon Yann comes to Vienna in person and reveals that he has quit his job and will stay as long as Hanna wants him to. Hanna is at first a little taken aback, but then she’s overjoyed. But Yann is not only intense, he’s also rather insecure and their relationship doesn’t stay easy.

Ma folie tries a little too hard to be clever, but otherwise it’s not a bad debut, even if it didn’t blow me away.

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