Liebe möglicherweise [Love Maybe] (2016)

Liebe möglicherweise
Director: Michael Kreihsl
Writer: Michael Kreihsl
Cast: Devid Striesow, Silke Bodenbender, Edita Malovcic, Hary Prinz, Gerti Drassl, Eva Sakálová, Christine Ostermayer, Astrit Alihajdaraj, Otto Schenk, Francis Okpata, Jana McKinnon, Norman Hacker
Seen on: 12.12.2016

After Michael (Devid Striesow) loses his job, he is reeling and his attentions focus on actress Leila (Edita Malovcic) who happens to be his friend’s Roland (Norman Hacker) girlfriend. Meanwhile Michael’s wife Monika (Silke Bodenbender) feels that Michael is keeping his distance and looks for intimacy with Roland. And Michael and Monika’s daughter Viktoria (Jana McKinnon) doesn’t exactly have an easy time navigating puberty.

Liebe möglicherweise tries very hard to be poignant, but it doesn’t even manage to be memorable. I had practically forgotten it the moment I left the cinema.

I like episodic films. I like the actors involved in the film. I like Austrian films (well, not all of them, of course, but I like supporting them in any case). So the combination of the three had the best chances to win my heart. Unfortunately, the film falls flat on its face. Not only does it have considerable lengths (with a runtime just under 90 minutes that’s quite a feat), there is simply no emotional connection to any of the characters in the film.

If that is due to the weak script that gives us wooden dialogues full of platitudes and a “look how clever I am” ending or due to the fact that all of the actors involved gave probably the weakest perfomances I have ever seen them give is anybody’s guess. Most likely it’s both.

The only bright light in the entire film is Otto Schenk who plays Roland’s father Walter and who outplays everybody with a touching, emotional performance that the film really doesn’t deserve but I was glad we got anyway.

There were some nice touches to the film and its stories, but they were not enough to make the film actually worth seeing. But at least it gives me hope that maybe some of Kreihsl’s outher films don’t suck completely.

Summarizing: Disappointing.

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