Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo [Nona: If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them] (2019) – DNF

Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo
Director: Camila José Donoso
Writer: Camila José Donoso
Cast: Josefina Ramírez, Gigi Reyes, Eduardo Moscovis, Paula Dinamarca, Nancy Gómez
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 25.10.2019

Nona (Josefina Ramírez) has made her escape to a small town after getting revenge on her ex. But the quiet life of a small town doesn’t really suit her all that well, and soon Molotov cocktails set the town ablaze – and only Nona’s house seems to be safe from it.

I’m filing this film under Did Not Finish, though technically I stayed in the cinema until the end – but I slept a lot during it. It may not have deserved my lack of attention, but it didn’t really work for me regardless.

The film poster showing a drawing of Nona (Josefina Ramírez) as she smokes a cigar.
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