Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo [Nona: If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them] (2019) – DNF

Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo
Director: Camila José Donoso
Writer: Camila José Donoso
Cast: Josefina Ramírez, Gigi Reyes, Eduardo Moscovis, Paula Dinamarca, Nancy Gómez
Part of: Viennale
Seen on: 25.10.2019

Nona (Josefina Ramírez) has made her escape to a small town after getting revenge on her ex. But the quiet life of a small town doesn’t really suit her all that well, and soon Molotov cocktails set the town ablaze – and only Nona’s house seems to be safe from it.

I’m filing this film under Did Not Finish, though technically I stayed in the cinema until the end – but I slept a lot during it. It may not have deserved my lack of attention, but it didn’t really work for me regardless.

The film poster showing a drawing of Nona (Josefina Ramírez) as she smokes a cigar.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to catch Nona, but then I could leave work earlier on short notice and headed to the cinema to catch it. I thought that the description – a granny who goes on a rampage with Molotov cocktails – sounded amazing. In fact, I still think that concept is awesome.

But the film was unfortunately not quite as vibrant as that concept. The story is often interrupted by grainy Super8 with a lot of damage looking footage that was aesthetically very interesting, but felt rather intrusive in the film that should have stuck more with Nona.

Nona (Josefina Ramírez) in the backseat of a car with her sunglasses on at night.

I never really got into the film and fell asleep soon after it started, missing quite a lot of it. I’m not saying that the film is so bad that this was the best thing I could have done – there is certainly here worth considering more than I did. But I couldn’t find the energy to actually do so.

A hand holding a burning Molotov cocktail.

Summarizing: wasn’t for me.

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