IAMX played a concert in the WUK in Vienna.
Seen on: 16.3.2018

I’ve seen IAMX a couple of times live already and I haven’t been listening much to their music recently. So when they announced a concert in Vienna, I was kind of torn between going and not going and when I decided that I wanted to go, the concert was sold out. So, I was ready to just not go when A.’s knee started fucking around and she couldn’t go and suddenly there was a ticket available. So I went after all and I have to say that I really enjoyed the show.

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Mud, Rain and Good Music

On Thursday, I borrowed my parents’ company’s car (a VW van, just like it’s supposed to be, but newer and more comfortable) and set off with deadra and S. to the Frequency festival in Salzburg.

I removed the back seats in the van and put in some mattrasses, which actually made for a comfortable bed (at least much more comfortable than any tent would be. And drier). We got water and food that won’t turn bad without a fridge and arrived in Salzburg in the afternoon. We parked the car in a nice meadow and then the fun could begin.

Surprisingly, it was sunny and hot and as we walked (about a mile, I’d say) to the actual festival area on the Salzburg Ring (Formula 1 car race thingy), I thought about all the warm clothes I brought and if they were really necessary.

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