IAMX played a concert in the WUK in Vienna.
Seen on: 16.3.2018

I’ve seen IAMX a couple of times live already and I haven’t been listening much to their music recently. So when they announced a concert in Vienna, I was kind of torn between going and not going and when I decided that I wanted to go, the concert was sold out. So, I was ready to just not go when A.’s knee started fucking around and she couldn’t go and suddenly there was a ticket available. So I went after all and I have to say that I really enjoyed the show.

Before I write more about the concert, let me just say that I didn’t jot down any notes immediately after as I usually do and since some time has passed since the concert, my memory of it did become a bit hazy. So, I’ll keep this rather short.

The last time I saw IAMX, they played a rather big concert venue and I was a little underwhelmed by the show. And even though they were heavily featured on the How to Get Away with Murder soundtrack which probably made them known to new audiences, they played a rather small venue this time. And the more intimate setting really worked for me, as Chris Corner’s energy just infected the audience that much more.

Corner at times used a mirror to reflect the stage light into the audience which was fun as well and, if I remember correctly, it was the way he interacted most with the audience (well, directly). But that was perfectly fine – I didn’t feel that he lacked a connection.

Their setlist was pretty varied, including lots of older stuff, but of course focusing mostly on the new album that is again one of their stronger ones. For many songs they played live remixes that worked very well for me and were very danceable – which I always enjoy.

In short, I left the concert entirely satisfied and very happy – it was a really great night.

Summarizing: awesome.

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