Atomic Blonde (2017)

Atomic Blonde
Director: David Leitch
Writer: Kurt Johnstad
Based on: Antony Johnston and Sam Hart’s graphic novel The Coldest City
Cast: Charlize TheronJames McAvoyEddie MarsanJohn GoodmanToby JonesJames FaulknerRoland MøllerSofia BoutellaBill SkarsgårdSam HargraveJóhannes Haukur JóhannessonTil SchweigerBarbara Sukowa
Seen on: 4.9.2017

Lorraine (Charlize Theron) is a secret agent for MI6 who is sent to Cold War Berlin after the death of a colleague. She’s supposed to recover a list of MI6 agents that went missing. But the situation in Berlin is unclear, starting with the questionable trustworthiness of her contact David (James McAvoy). As Elaine tries to navigate the intricacies of a city at a (political) boiling point, things get more complicated with every step.

Atomic Blonde was a disappointment in pretty much every regard. It’s stupid and boring and I very much hated almost everything about it.

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Svartur á leik [Black’s Game] (2012)

Svartur á leik
Director: Óskar Thór Axelsson
Writer: Óskar Thór Axelsson
Based on: Stefán Máni‘s novel
Cast: Thor Kristjansson, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Damon Younger, María Birta, Vignir Rafn Valþórsson, Egill Einarsson
Part of: /slash Filmfestival’s slashing Europe [The /slash Filmestival needs help! Please support genre movies in Austria, if you can.]

Reykjavik, 1999. After a drunken brawl, Stebbi (Thor Kristjansson) gets arrested. Coming out of the police station, he runs into Tóti (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson), a childhood friend. Tóti promises Stebbi help with the charges against him, in return for a favor. Said favor throws Stebbi quickly and deeply into the Icelandic drug trade, which Tóti tries to take over together with Bruno (Damon Younger).

Svartur á leik is a very straightforward film. Maybe it’s even a tad too straightforward: I just kept waiting for a bit more twistiness or a kind of edge. Nevertheless I really enjoyed myself.

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