Fantastic Shorts Competition at the /slash Filmfestival 2016

A short note on all the short films at the /slash Filmfestival 2016 that were part of the Fantastic Shorts Competition. The winner was Ariane Louis-Seize Plouffe for her short Wild Skin.
Seen on: 25.9.2016
[Reviews by cornholio.]

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Short Films at the /slash Filmfestival

So, for the final entry about the /slash Filmfestival this year (well, at least until their Christmas Special which will most likely be on December 15, so save the date), I thought that I’d give you a round-up of all the short films they showed. After that, this blog returns to its normal state with one post a day that won’t necessarily be about a horror film while I’m busy raking in new material at the Viennale. :)
In any case, buying the /slash pass was one of the best acquisitions ever. I managed to sit in every film and I only fell asleep in a few of them. So, it was completely worth it.
Anyway, on to the short films!

They showed the short films of Brian Lonano, the “Ölfilm-Zyklus” (Oilfilm Cycle) by a group of young Austrian film makers, The Unliving and Roid Rage.

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