Short Films at the /slash Filmfestival

So, for the final entry about the /slash Filmfestival this year (well, at least until their Christmas Special which will most likely be on December 15, so save the date), I thought that I’d give you a round-up of all the short films they showed. After that, this blog returns to its normal state with one post a day that won’t necessarily be about a horror film while I’m busy raking in new material at the Viennale. :)
In any case, buying the /slash pass was one of the best acquisitions ever. I managed to sit in every film and I only fell asleep in a few of them. So, it was completely worth it.
Anyway, on to the short films!

They showed the short films of Brian Lonano, the “Ölfilm-Zyklus” (Oilfilm Cycle) by a group of young Austrian film makers, The Unliving and Roid Rage.

Brian Lonano

Brian Lonano makes home-made SciFi short films that live from their DIY aesthetics.

Attackazoids! and Attackazoids, Deploy!
Directed by Brian Lonano [Attackazoids, Deploy! co-directed by Jeff Jenkins]
Written by Brian and Kevin Lonano
You can watch Attackazoids! and Attackazoids, Deploy! online.

Attackazoids! is very weird and wasn’t really my thing. But Attackazoids, Deploy! was great and very funny.

Directed by Brian Lonano and Bryan Marshall
Written by Bryan Marshall and Ted Voltolina

Brobot was probably my favorite of the Lonano movies. It was really very funny and makes the best of the lack of budget or acting talent with a whole lot of humor and brilliant writing. Loved it.

Martian Precursor
Written and directed by Brian and Kevin Lonano
You can watch it online.

Was not my cup of tea.

8bit Ghost Hop [Link to the film itself]
Directed by Brian and Kevin Lonano

If Brobot was my favorite, 8bit Ghost Hop was definitely my second favorite. It’s really funny.

Electrical Skeletal
Directed by Brian Lonano
Written by Kevin Lonano
You can watch it online.

Electrical Skeletal was basically a music video. It was a little too loud but it was quite funny.

Casket Climber Insect God
Directed by Brian Lonano
Written by Kage Bunshin
You can watch it online.

Where Electrical Skeletal was almost a music video, Casket Climber Insect God definitely was. But it didn’t work for me.

Ölfilm Zyklus

The four friends Severin Fiala, Valentin Fiala, Nikolaus Eckhard and Klaus Haindl created a series of home-made extremely funny SFF movies that completely won me over. I’m a fan.
Severin and Valentin Fiala also made this year’s /slash trailer.

Scheißtag (Crap Day)
Two guys meet in a bathroom. Through their conversation you discover that the world has been taken over by ants.
At first I was a bit flabbergasted and just wondered what the hell was going on. But the movie kind of grows on you and despite that the acting is not great, the editing is not great und the quality of the film material is really not great, it ends up really, really funny.

Paradise Frost
The story of Future Duke the Cowboy who finds a talking lobster can which leads him on an adventure.
I just loved Paradise Frost. It was absolutely brilliant. Funny, a little nonsensical and it ends with the best fairy ever.

[From Blaues Gras]

Romius & Chulio
A variation of Romeo and Juliet where the dialogues are entirely made from Friday the 13th quotes, read off of sheets of paper.
The whole thing is quite a surreal experience and it doesn’t really make sense, at least not all of the time. But I again laughed my ass off and the costumes alone are completely worth the experience.

Blaues Gras (Blue Grass)
An epic search for a mythical object.
This is probably the most surreal of the four movies, but it was again very funny.

Återfödelsen (The Unliving)

Written and directed by Hugo Lilja
Cast: Emilie Jonsson, Jonatan Rodriguez, Anna Uddenberg, Fredrik Wagner, Tomas Glaving

30 years after the zombie outbreak, people have gotten used to the shambling masses and are even using them as sources of cheap labor. Katrin catches the zombies, while her boyfriend Mark is one of the workers to program the zombies by lobotomy.

The Unliving shows a slice of everyday live after the apocalypse. That’s a cool idea and makes for an excellent moody film. I liked Katrin’s and Mark’s relationship, though it was a bit too “First period of love”-y for me sometimes. The pretty dystopian politics are interesting, though not much more than backdrop, just like the muted colors. Wonderful.

Roid Rage

Written and Directed by Ryan Lightbourn
Cast: Zach Canfield, John Carvalho, Ben Evans

What Sammy (Zach Canfield) thought was just a particularly nasty and persistent case of hemorrhoids turns out to actually be a mutation of a hemorrhoid that revels in killing people.

The general premise of the movie is pretty funny but I feel like the movie rests too much on the premise and ends up not funny enough, but too disgusting. Parts of it are absolutely brilliant, but generally it’s not my thing.

4 thoughts on “Short Films at the /slash Filmfestival

  1. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to review my shorts. I’m glad you enjoyed some of them :P

    8bit Ghost Hop was a fun experiment by my brother and I over a weekend. We had gotten a flip pocket HD camera and were experimenting with new effects ideas that would later be put to use in my future work. We made the song ourselves as well in garage band. It was fun to cut loose and make something so bare bones and rough around the edges.


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and telling us more about 8bit Ghost Hop.

      And I gladly spread the word for you through my review. It’s not much, but at least I can show a little support for independent film makers that way. ;)

      And I did enjoy most of your stuff. I’m just not much of a metal fun so that got a bit exhausting for me sometimes.

    • I’ll spread the word, sure thing. :) And as a bonus, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

      The Ghastly Transmission sounds pretty exciting.

      [Myself I’m completely broke, unfortunately. Cinema is sucking me dry.]

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