Moonlight (2016)

Director: Barry Jenkins
Writer: Barry Jenkins
Based on: Tarell Alvin McCraney‘s unpublished semi-autobiographical play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue
Cast: Alex R. HibbertAshton SandersTrevante Rhodes, Jaden Piner, Jharrel Jerome, André Holland, Mahershala Ali, Janelle Monáe, Naomie Harris
Seen on: 14.3.2017

Chiron, called Little (Alex R. Hibbert), grows up in a rather rough neighborhood in Miami. One day, as he runs from bullies, drug dealer Juan (Mahershala Ali) find him and, together with his girlfriend Teresa (Janelle Monáe), they offer Chiron a place where he can find the safety his own mother (Naomie Harris), an addict, is unable to give him. And Chiron, who struggles not only with being bullied but also with his crush on Kevin (Jaden Piner) and what that means for his life, needs sanctuary maybe more than most. But things don’t last and as Chiron grows to an adolescent (Ashton Sanders) and then a young man (Trevante Rhodes), he continues to fight and find a place in this world where he can just be.

Moonlight is a beautiful, emotional film that tells a story from an unusual and very much needed point of view. It’s a film very every frame is in the right place, the soundtrack complements the story perfectly and it hits every emotional beat for maximum effect. It’s amazing.

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Just My Luck

What is it with me and TV shows? Recently, everytime I discover a new show, it ends up getting cancelled.

First, there was Moonlight. *sniff*

Now, I started getting into Men in Trees, because my sister watches it with almost religious fervour. And I like this show. It’s sweet and funny. It won’t be my favourite show of all times, but it’s really nice.

So, I watched the first two seasons and went to imdb to see, when the third one would be out. And guess what? Yeah. No third season for me. Or anybody else.

At least, they had some kind of closure for my favourite characters – Jane (Seana Kofoed) and Sam (Ty Olsson). But other characters were not that lucky… *sigh*

(Oh, btw… Wasn’t Anne Heche gay a couple of years ago? Obviously, she isn’t anymore, as she’s dating her co-star James Tupper. [And boy, he’s HAWT.] And she’s just getting divorced.)

Anyway… it’s not like there’s no shows to watch anymore… Pushing Daisies and Heroes will start soon again and Eureka already did, so that’s good.

And you know what? You should keep an eye on Bryan Fuller, as I will in the future. He’s responsible for Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls (which I haven’t seen yet), and he wrote two episodes of Heroes and a lot of Star Trek stuff. Very good credentials.

Vampire TV

I finished watching the first Season of Moonlight.

Ever since Buffy‘s gone, I’ve been waiting for a vampire/horror/mystery/fantasy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it show to grip me like it (even Angel wasn’t that good. At least after the first season). Now, I’m not saying that Moonlight is as good as Buffy, but it has potential. And I think it could get there (if it will at all. Apparently, they are not planning on making a second season. Unfortunately. But that’s just my luck, I guess), provided that there’s a bit more time for them to develop.

The basic story outline is not very original, PI, with the help of an reporter, solving crimes. It’s also not the most original thing that the PI is a vampire, that the vampire doesn’t like being one and that he refuses to feed on humans. We have all seen that before. BUT, and that’s a huge BUT, the characters are really good, their relationships are so real, for lack of a better word, and they really have a good chemistry going on.

I mean, the relationship between Mick (Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth (Sophia Myles) could have easily been made overly dramatic, a constant on-off thing. And although there is some on-off-ness, it never gets too much, it never gets unbelievable.
Also, Mick, in all his “fate has dealt me the wrong cards, I hate being a vampire, I hope there is a cure” being, never gets on my nerves (Run and hide, Louis!) and he never gets too broody (yeah, that was directed at you, Angel). Plus, Alex O’Loughlin – one hot bitch.

And I really, really love Josef (Jason Dohring is the perfect cast. With his babyface, his looks perfectly counterbalance his no-nonsense business style).

Especially the last 4 episodes were really good, because they started to make fun, of themselves, of the world around them and of our world. Who doesn’t want to see a vampire-nerd charging himself at a running car, crying LEEEEROOOOOOOOY JENKINS?

Or see the two main characters talking about a murder investigation, which suddenly turns into a discussion about emo music and why it’s good or not so good?

And then, of course, there’s Josef, the Chandler Bing of vampires, with his dry, sometimes snide but always really funny remarks.

Simone: We should leave.
Josef: But this is so awkward. I love awkward.

I really hope, they find someone to finance a second season. It would be too bad to see it die now…