Portugal. The Man (Support: Steaming Satellites)

Portugal. The Man gave a concert in the Gasometer in Vienna. Their supporting band was Steaming Satellites.
Seen on: 17.9.2017

I was hesitant about going to this concert, mostly because I thought it would be incredibly decadent to go to two concerts on one weekend. But finally I caved because not only had I been obsessively listening to Portugal. The Man’s new album, Steaming Satellites are also among my favorite Austrian bands – and to get them in one package was too much to pass up. And it was a good decision indeed – I really wouldn’t have wanted to meet either concert as they were both great.

Portugal. The Man

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Frequency Festival 2010

Last year, the festival program was disappointing – so disappointing, in fact, that I didn’t go to any of them. Which means that this year, of course, there were at least three I really, really wanted to go to.

I finally settled for the Frequency – the line-up was just too good and I could stay at my brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s house – which meant none of the usual festival inconveniences! Yay! [Here’s my review of the Festival in 2008.]

So, on Thursday of last week, I got my parents’ car, and picked up B. and deadra in Vienna and we drove to St. Pölten for three and a half days of music and awesomeness.

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