Portugal. The Man (Support: Steaming Satellites)

Portugal. The Man gave a concert in the Gasometer in Vienna. Their supporting band was Steaming Satellites.
Seen on: 17.9.2017

I was hesitant about going to this concert, mostly because I thought it would be incredibly decadent to go to two concerts on one weekend. But finally I caved because not only had I been obsessively listening to Portugal. The Man’s new album, Steaming Satellites are also among my favorite Austrian bands – and to get them in one package was too much to pass up. And it was a good decision indeed – I really wouldn’t have wanted to meet either concert as they were both great.

Portugal. The Man

It’s been a while that Steaming Satellites published a new album, although they did play a couple of new songs at the last concert I saw. So when they mentioned during the show that touring with Portugal. The Man was the much needed kick in creativity’s butt to get them going, I perked up – hopefully that means that the next album isn’t too far off anymore. (And yes, a new album has been announced by now – new single below.)

Be that as it may, the concert was really awesome. They have a lot of energy on stage and I do like their music a lot, meaning that I can sing along to it, which is always a plus. And I enjoyed the way they interacted with the audience, always a big part of any concert.

Portugal. The Man interacted less with the audience. In fact, they didn’t actually interact, but showed a statement in the beginning that they would only communicate via (randomly chosen?) bits on the video wall where they had visuals going throughout the show. As strange as that may sound, and as much as I worried that it would make the concert setting weird, that strategy did work for the most part.

I’m new to Portugal. The Man and I mostly knew their new album. They played mostly songs from that album, of course, but they also included older songs which inspired me to dig in a little more into their music (I especially loved Modern Jesus). And they did include a couple of covers – Another Brick in the Wall and Don’t Look Back in Anger which felt so much their own, I had to actively remind myself that it’s a cover.

In short, it was a really wonderful concert evening with two different, but not unsimilar bands and performances that complemented each other nicely. An excellent combintion.

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