Steaming Satellites

Steaming Satellites [German link] gave a concert at the Metropol in Vienna.
Seen on: 12.1.2017

Steaming Satellites are among my favorite (Austrian) bands and it took me a while to finally catch one of their concerts. So when I found out about their show at the Metropol, I knew I had to go. And it was a great concert, although different from what I expected in a few ways.

Here are some of the things that I didn’t expect: The concert was part of an “acoustic” tour but turned out not to be much acoustic at all. It was really full and I wasn’t there particularly early, but I practically got to stand on stage in a location where I had more than enough space to dance (look at that pic – I took it myself, no zoom required). And the Metropol is a small theater – I didn’t expect it to lend itself so well to a rock concert, but it definitely did.

We had to wait for quite a while for the concert to begin, which made the fact that they performed without a supporting band rather obvious. Just when people were getting really antsy, the concert finally started though.

And I have to say that the waiting did pay off. Steaming Satellites performed their big hits and older songs mostly, but also threw in a couple of new songs, hinting at a new album that should be coming (so far it hasn’t arrived, if I’m not mistaken) and that already sounds pretty good.

The energy was good throughout the show, the setlist was well put together and made time pass quickly and the guys nicely interacted with the audience, making it a really great concert in an absolutely relaxed atmosphere which was perfect for  the location, but also left enough rock energy for the music so that you still wanted to dance.

Summarizing: good show, excellent music.

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