Killing Ground (2016)

Killing Ground
Director: Damien Power
Writer: Damien Power
Cast: Aaron PedersenHarriet DyerStephen HunterMitzi RuhlmannMaya StangeTiarnie CouplandIan MeadowsAaron GlenaneJulian GarnerAirlie Dodds
Part of: /slash Filmfestival
Seen on: 1.10.2017

Ian (Ian Meadows) and Sam (Harriet Dyer) decide to spend New Year’s Eve camping in the outback. As they set up their tent they discover an empty tent not far from them. Not thinking much of it at first, they become a little concerned when nobody comes back to the tent. When they find a lone toddler in the woods, their concern turns into panic. But before they can get help, they run into two men (Aaron Pedersen, Aaron Glenane) who probably aren’t up to much good.

Killing Ground operates a little too much along the usual plot lines, but it does so rather effectively, making it a solid film.

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