Quotes which’ll stay with me

Yesterday I finally saw Juno. There already was much talk about the film, so I’ll keep it short.

I liked it. I liked the dialogues especially.

Bren: “She’s not the brightest light bulb in the tanning bed.”


Paulie: “I still have your underwear!”
Juno: “And I still have your virginity.”

I liked that there was no – hidden or otherwise – message of morale. Instead it was just what Juno decided, no behavioural compass for everybody else.

I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It’s worth a watch but if you wait til it’s out on DVD or on TV, you won’t die.


4 thoughts on “Quotes which’ll stay with me

  1. “You should’ve gone to China, you know, ’cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those t-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events. “

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