Holy Shit

Do you know that feeling, when you watch a movie you haven’t seen for a really long time and suddenly there’s this actor or actress who got famous (or at least known to you) in the meantime and you’re like “holy fucking shit, that’s him/her???”? I have a run, I’m telling you.

It started last week when I watched Erin Brockovich and I saw that, holy shit! George, the Biker-boyfriend, is Aaron Eckhart!

These past days I used my sick-time to watch Freaks & Geeks, which I have once seen the pilot of and really liked but never had the time to continue watching (and btw. it died an untimely death – it’s a good show). And there in the first episode is Eli, a “special” kid and holy shit! it’s Ben Foster! (who, btw, also has a great role in My Name Is Earl.) Another thing which gave me this feeling, although I hadn’t seen the episode before was in the second to last episode – a (hilarious) cameo by Ben Stiller.

And now we’re entering the embarassing territory. I felt like watching Beverly Hills, 90210. (Ok, when you’re done being shocked and booing, let me just say that I never was really into it but I had some of those books accompanying the series, inherited from some family friends and I kind of liked them and I felt a bit nostalgic and as I couldn’t get a hold of the books, I decided to watch a bit of the series.) Anyway, right there in the pilot, minute 42, the doorman: holy shit! It’s Djimon Hounsou! And also, holy shit, one of the guys at the party is Glenn Quinn!

OK, that’s about it, right now. I just had to share.


  1. I was watching Cameron Crowe’s Singles (yeah, sue me) and there’s a scene in which a then unknown Paul Giammatti makes out with some random girl. Paul Giammatti!

  2. Good to see you back on your feet again. I had a similar feeling when I watched Crowe’s Say Anything. Jeremy Piven (does he qualify as a famous actor now?) plays a siderole as one of John Cusack’s classmates.

  3. Scene: our living room, Saturday

    Me: (holding TV guide) It’s back! Oh my GOD they’re bringing it BACK!!! *squeal*
    Sis: (gives blank stare)
    Me: Beverly Hills!!! They’re bringing back Beverly Hills!!!! Brenda and Kelly and Andrea and DYLAN!!! *more squealing & happy dance*
    Sis: (another blank stare)
    Me: You don’t remember it?!? How can you not remember it?!?
    Sis: (raises eyebrow)
    Me: Right, you were a toddler. Nevermind – you can watch it now! It’s about all those spoiled kids driving around and being bitchy and making out with each other. *grin*
    Sis: (both eyebrows raised) And you were into that?
    Me: (stops and thinks) Um…no.

    Fade out.

  4. I didn’t like it. I acknowledged its existence (it was hard to miss, really) – and yes, more of a Dylan-girl…apparently my weakness for the messed-up, broody wreck with the sad eyes developed early =^.^=

    Don’t tell me you were into Brandon?!

  5. No, I was gonna say Steve…. :P
    I really was more into Brandon than Dylan, though neither were the love of my life. What can I say… I dream about “the messed-up, broody wreck with the sad eyes” (how very accurate…) for a bit and then my realistic side comes and kicks me in the butt: “Do you really want a guy who has dependency/addiction issues (because those types always have) and has random outbursts of aggression? Someone who’s intelligent but can’t connect? No, my dear, you want the nice guy, stable, clever and reliable.” And you know what? As much as it’s unromantic, reality’s right. I’m just a pragmatic.

  6. Does Jeff Goldblum’s “I forgot my mantra” in Annie Hall count?

    As for 90210, it was aired in India in the earlier 90s but from the 2 and a half episodes that I caught (until an adult discovered what I was watching and uh … took action)…I was a Brendon girl, I think. At 8 years of age. Jeez. Was I deprived of a childhood just because the TV gods started throwing cute boys at me in my baby years?

  7. @Charl:
    Sure, it counts.

    I wasn’t older, or not much older, when I first watched it. And I stopped watching it shortly after, not because of the sudden onset of adult supervision but because I found it boring.
    And I’d wish for the TV gods to throw more cute boys around. I miss them. :)

    Anyway, what it made me realise is that I really, really, really, REALLY hope that the 90s never come back, fashionwise. Awful, awful. just awful.

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