Sometimes You Have to Make Sacrifices

Especially for your family.

So I did. This weekend, I accompanied my mother and my sister to the movies. Not a sacrifice yet, but we watched Sex and the City. And that’s the bad part…

I’ve seen maybe five epsiodes of the show (mostly because I enjoy Kim Catrall‘s character Samantha) and never had any desire to see more of it.

I just don’t get it.
I don’t care about labels.
I don’t care about shoes (except that I like to wear some, when I am in a city, at least). Spending 525$ on a pair of shoes, and ugly ones at that? No way! When shoes cost more than 50$, I’m already reconsidering and more often than not, not buying.
I don’t think it’s outrageous that women talk about sex.

And I really hate the hidden kitsch. If you want to have kitsch, that’s fine. I like a mushy movie from time to time myself. But why pretend to be so tough and “it’s all about sex and not about love” and then go on and on and on about love and falling in love and staying in love and love, love, love… gnnaaargh…


One surprise: I think it’s the first time that I actually saw a dick in an American movie (which was not porn).

The best part of the evening?
The trailers. First, the extended trailer for the Dark Knight (with more talking and less exploding. It was shown before a girly movie…) (I am so excited!), then for You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, which is either going to be hilarious or the worst thing ever (usually, Adam Sandler movies sound like the worst thing ever, but often end up being funny. The same rule applies to Jack Black movies. And Ben Stiller movies).

***EDIT: Read the related article “This one’s for the fellas. No ladies allowed!”… It’s worth it!***

14 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have to Make Sacrifices

  1. Sigh .. that was a huge sacrifice ? And didnt you see Eurotrip .. there was a huge sausage fest going on in there.

    Your last sentence: Jack Black and Ben Stiller (+ Downey Jr ): Tropic Thunder. Can’t wait for it.

  2. No, not a huge sacrifice. Just a sacrifice.

    Nope, didn’t see Eurotrip. Is it worth it? Except for the “sausages”… :)

    Tropic Thunder is going to be worth a watch, I’m sure. If only to give the Viral Video justice.

  3. Eurotrip is funny but i prefer old school and road trip over it. You can watch it when you just want to watch some movie where you absolutely don’t have to think.

  4. you are not alone.
    this was without a doubt one of the worst and most boring movies i’ve ever seen. i never really liked (or watched, for that matter) the series but optimistically (and maybe succumbing to peer pressure)i thought i could give the movie a go. thought wrong. if you don’t like the series, a version thrice as long is not a particularly good idea. and even according to the series-affecionados i went to the cinema with, the series is much better than the movie. gosh, was that thing boring! i’m usually not one to be bored easily by bad movies but this one wasn’t even unintentionally funny, to say nothing of the scenes that were actually supposed to be funny. nope, not my cup of tea either.
    nice article, btw! :)

  5. I was something of an accidental series-junkie, and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, so, of course, I watched that movie.
    Sure, it was about 15 hours long and more boring than the show ever was. But on the other hand it delivered exactly what it set out to do…more fodder to the junkies. It wasn’t THAT bad.
    (Although I am willing to concede that my judgement might be tainted by the fact that I saw “Made of Honour” just before and “The Happening” just a little after SATC *shudder*)

    btw – I noticed the dick, too. I’m guessing that was their attempt at being “edgy and controversial” since they can no longer shock us by talking about sex over breakfast.

  6. @b:
    Thanks for your reassurance. But for both of us, it’s probably a case of “some people never learn”…

    The really sad thing about it is that my mum and my sis really liked it. But they probably would have liked Made of Honour as well.

    Probably right about the “controversial” thing… Must be really hard to be controversial…

    Of course I did it to feel as you do. ;)
    It wasn’t my choice and I guess I didn’t claim my unwillingness loud enough for my family to hear.

  7. @Prestidigitator: Come on bro! Of course you belong. You are the comic relief in this rag-tag bunch. (Swen tries very hard to be. But he’s more of a Mike Myers type of a fellow.)

    @Kalafudra: Awww! You went to all that trouble to feel like I do? To make me feel better? You could actually make me feel twice as better with half the effort actually. ;)

  8. @Baphomet You’ve been shamelessly flirting (or at least trying to) with almost everyone of late. You’re like a dog in heat dude.

    Not cool. :\

  9. Guys, guys… lol…

    I would only worry if all of us had been to the cinema together and deliberately hadn’t called you. As that didn’t happen, no worries.

    I try… :)

  10. @Prestidigitator: …And you are like my biatch. Like a nagging wife. What do you care who I flirt with?

    @Swen: No more flirting bro. Ever since you left, its like my mojo was taken away.

    @Kalafudra: Well, its good to know. LOL.

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