I Can’t Wait Anymore

Here, a little more Batman related stuff, that miserably fails to make me not long for The Dark Knight, but which is really cool anyways.

Bat Battle (Cracked)

Batman’s Philosophy (Overthinking It)

Batman Coloring Pages (Coloring)

And last, but not least: Something’s weird here… (Shakesville)


  1. Thanks, sweetie… :) It’s just another 20 days. I can make it.
    In the meantime, a Batman History Evening is coming up for me, with all the Batman movies, from the 60s version to Batman Begins. Yay!

  2. @kalafudra Blech. The only Batman history I need to be aware of is Batman Begins and some choice graphic novels.

    But then again, it’s a hoot watching the Adam West Batman film.

    If you’re stoned.

  3. Oh come on, the Adam West Batman movie is funny. (Holy Bikini, Batman!) But maybe I’m just always in a stoned mindset.

    And I think that the other four movies are underrated. I like them.

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