Prince Caspian and Me

I was very much looking forward to The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. As preparation, I watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and started reading the books again. Unfortunately, I just had time to finish The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe before it was time to go to the movies, so I read Prince Caspian after seeing it. But no harm, no foul, I did read it before anyways.

Well. The story, though it remained basically the same, was altered quite a bit. But in a very good way. Where C. S. Lewis writes in the stenographical style of a police report, the movie took its time and explored things a bit more. Also, depth was added, where there was none in the original:

  • Peter got a character and stopped being this perfect little brat. His problems with acknowledging Caspian’s power and stepping back to let Caspian do his thing was interesting, and also more realistic than his immediate acceptance in the book.
  • The problems Caspian had with accepting that he’s to be king of Narnia did the same thing.
  • The love story between Susan and Caspian – so sweet. [By the way, I was convinced that it was in the book already. And when I read it again and saw that Susan and Caspian basically don’t even meet in the book, I was really, really sruprised.]
  • Do I have to mention the way the girls are treated? Like they actually fight in the movie and they have a brain and so on…

So, what I am saying is that Prince Caspian was a very good movie and if C. S. Lewis hadn’t been a misogynist and a crappy story teller, that’s what the book would have looked like.

[You may wonder, why I read the books, if I judge him so harshly. Thing is, I just think he had this wonderful picture in his head and wasn’t able to put it to paper. But when I read the books, I feel like it’s just around the corner, and I kind of get a glimpse of that.]

On a slightly different note: I could basically see all the teenage girls fainting because of Ben Barnes. What a perfect cast! And, he said that he based his accents for Prince Caspian on Inigo “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Montoya. And he’s going to play Dorian Gray, in the new movie with Colin Firth as Lord Henry.

They didn't even bother to make him blond... oh my... but at least, he's pretty.

They didn't even bother to make him blond... oh my... but at least, he's pretty.


5 thoughts on “Prince Caspian and Me

  1. I am not a big fan of the Narnia film. I thought the battle sequence at the end of Lion-Witch was a lot like a bunch of trolls out on a picnic. having said that, i liked Prince Caspian.

  2. Prince Caspian was good.
    But the battle sequences sucked a bit. Why do you have automatic catapults, when you can’t adjust the direction they’re throwing the stones without a huge effort? It will always hit the same spot!

  3. Hey, thought I was the only person who spent half the film looking to see whether they slipped a six-fingered man in there to test us!

    Oh, and Ben Barnes – Colin Firth – Oscar Wilde? Someone hand me my wet-myself-with-excitement diaper please!
    (Actually to be perfectly honest, I think I’d be excited about any film adaptation of Dorian Gray short of having Sacha Baron Cohen playing the title role…)

  4. Yes, it was time to have a new adaptation of Oscar Wilde/Dorian Gray. Gives me a perfect excuse to read it again. :)

    Though I’m a little surprised that Colin Firth is playing Lord Henry and not Basil.

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