New Moon and Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)

[My review for Twilight, the first book in the series.]

New Moon (second book) and Eclipse (third book) are just like Twilight. Altogether, it’s a very constant writing performance by Stephenie Meyer. Catchy and page-turner-y, written lightly and a very quick read (took me three days for each).


In New Moon, we get a whole lot more Jacob than in Twilight, which I personally enjoyed – I very much like Jacob. But then again, I’m a bit werewolf-phil, so that’s no surprise.

Meyer seems to have read Laurell K. Hamilton (at least until she got dirty), there are some things recognisable (like the love triangle).

And I loved Sam’s and Emily’s story. So very romantic. *sigh*

It’s a bit questionable that Bella can’t seem to survive without Edward… or Jacob. Her life totally depends on one of them being there. Don’t like that too much, but okay, I can live with that.

The book dragged a bit in the middle, but altogether, it was good.

In Eclipse, things move forward at a faster pace. The vampire-werewolf alliance was no surprise, on the contrary I wonderer about what took them so long to get there.

Jacob’s such a poor guy. He’s sweet and good-looking and nice and always there for Bella and still, he doesn’t have a chance with her, ever. How some people seem to think that he does, is beyond me. I don’t really like what she does with him in this book though. He gets so moody and sometimes behaves pretty crappy.

But then again, I don’t like how bossy Edward got, either. At least, Bella rebels against that.

Still, apart from that, I liked it. And I can’t wait to get Breaking Dawn.


2 thoughts on “New Moon and Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)

  1. stimm ich dir im ganzen zu. ich war auch im team jacob :)
    aber ehrlich, lass den letzten band. sieh den dritten als finale, finds gut und lass es. lies den neuen nicht. tu dir den gefallen :)
    (auch wenn ich weiß, dass du ihn jetzt erst recht lesen wirst… aber ich hab dich gewarnt. immerhin.)

  2. Leider bist du zu spät mit deiner Warnung, ich habe schon angefangen (und leide unter Jacobs character assassination)… Hast du’s gelesen, oder hast du dich umgehört, was die Fanwelt so sagt?

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