Okay, I have a bit of a GrammarNazi-side to me, I admit it. I deeply enjoy every single Engrish thing I can find, I hurt when I see misplaced apostrophes and am subscribed to various blogs, which fulfill my need to laugh about those mistakes and misunderstandings.

But this might take it a bit too far: Two guys, calling themselves the Typo Eradication Advancement League, travelled across the US in the course of three months, with the goal to mend all public typos.

All was chronicled on a blog, of course, which turned out to be their downfall when it was discovered by investigators in the case of a defaced historic hand-painted sign at the Grand Canyon. (Crime solved by Googling.) After pleading guilty to conspiracy to vandalize government property—they had relocated a wayward apostrophe and inserted a comma—the young grammarians were barred from national parks for a year. [quote from the above link]

I don’t know, what I find weirder: that there’s actually a charge of “conspiracy to vandalize government property” or that this crime was solved by googling…

Reading List, for those of you interested:

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lowercase L
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The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

I’m sure there are many more. You’re welcome to leave links in the comment section. :)

2 thoughts on “GrammarNazis

  1. Hey, just in case you were wondering, I’m the xxx@gmail that sent you the “English a user-modifiable technology” article… I read it in my Google Reader RIGHT after I read this post, and I thought that was just too much of a coincidence to not say something :).
    (Your email address, of course, I got from the mails alerting me when anyone comments on my blog.)

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