Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)

Breaking Dawn is the final book in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (not counting Midnight Sun, which will be the first book retold from Edward’s perspective).

I have to say that I’m disappointed. Unfortunately, ambre’s warning was too late – when she told me not to read the book, I had already started…


Breaking Dawn is divided into three books, first book told from Bella’s perspective, second from Jacob’s and third again from Bella’s. Going with Jake’s perspective for a while was a good idea, but unfortunately, Meyer didn’t manage to capture his voice, his language. There really wasn’t much of a difference between their narrating and their thoughts – like Bella pretended to be Jacob.

And then, the Deus ex machina solution for Bella’s behaviour as a new-born vampire. It’s never really explained, why she can control herself that well.
And of course she has to have amazing super powers that save the day.

I won’t get into the pregnancy issue that much so many people complained about, I actually thought that the explanation was okay.

But Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was plain wrong. Their thought that it was Renesmee all along, that’s why Jacob and Bella were drawn to each other – stupid. Especially since one of Jake’s friends imprinted on a girl he went to school with, but never noticed before. If the logic of the drawn-together thing holds up, Jake’s friend (I think it was Embry, but I’m not completely sure) would have had to feel some attraction toward that girl before.

And starting with a character assassination (Jacob) and then swerving around for no good reason and with no good explanation is somehow worse than going ahead and finishing the job.


I think Meyer tried too hard to give everybody a happy ending and in the end that ruined the book. Too many inconsistencies and too much magically going right.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn (Stephenie Meyer)

  1. OK I have to say, the hyperbole surrounding Stephanie Meyer’s books totally eluded me till I watched (in horror)at least a 100 girls thronging the local Borders on the day it was released.

    To top it off a friend of mine with me at the time just squealed at the sight and I didn’t see her for a couple of hours after.

    Am I getting too old?

  2. I don’t know. Angsty teenager still inside of you? Then you’re not too old, then it’s only the wrong kind of angst.

    In Austria, there’s no such fuss about these books. I happened upon them by accident, only later noticing the HUGE fanbase they have in the US (and apparantly Australia). As most things that get blown up way out of proportion, the books are sweet, especially the first one, but not as good as many people want to (make you) believe.

  3. hej… jetzt hatte ich paar tage kein internet und verpasse wieder alles ;)
    also ja. ich fand manche ideen ganz gut, aber dass jacob auf renesmee imprinted (wie heisst das auf deutsch?) war ja echt eine lulu-idee. macht irgendwie die gefuehle im buch davor kaputt..

  4. [imprint = prägen]
    Totale Lulu-Idee…
    Aber es war abzusehen, dass einfach alles viel zu zuckerlrosa wird am Ende… und ich glaube, das ist mein Hauptproblem, obwohl nichts anderes zu erwarten war.

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