Literary Links

Yeah, I’m still working on the reader link list that’s been accumulating. This time we have a shorter collection, with literary stuff. Hope you didn’t grow tired of that yet, I know I’ve been having quite a book focus these past days.

Have you ever heard of the Poetry Brothel? I wonder if that’s really as dirty as it sounds…

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of dirty, you might remember I posted about the 100 most banned books a while ago. While most of them were disappointingly clean and non-controversial (*sniff* I love me a good scandal), banning books is a really filthy act. Which is why there is the Banned Books Week. As this is a US event, I was wondering if there was anything I could do here in Austria to show my support. Do they have a ribbon? Or do you have any other ideas?

You’ve probably heard about the story of a job offer on craigslist for people to forge author signatures. I was surprised. Not by the job offer but that a) it was on craigslist and b) nobody had done this before. I always wondered about the signed copies you can buy, if it’s really the author’s signature. 
Anyway, I learned from the whole thing that Stephen King actually signs his books with his own blood if necessary.  

Oh, wow, I have only two links left now from my list and both aren’t book-related. So, anyone who isn’t as book crazy nerdy obsessed can rejoice, this blog will soon turn to different things again!

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