Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is an amazing ride. I didn’t care much for the first movie and I didn’t read the comics, but give Guillermo del Toro a budget he can work with and I’m in. If only to watch the amazing creature design and set design.

And Hellboy was great in that department. It was generally much better than the first movie, in my opinion.

The plot has its holes and I was a bit miffed by the way Liz Sherman was handled [that girl can fight, why won’t you let her? And why wasn’t she allowed to touch Red apart from his hands and his face?]. But who cares, when I can watch huge stone men, wood gods and the Angel of Death? And of course, the Bouncy Elf of Doom [Seriously, was Nuada* made of rubber?].

I wouldn’t even have minded a whole movie animated like the prologue, that looked really, really cool.

It was a really funny movie (“fuck-yoused” is all I’m gonna say. No, let me add “Barry Manilow”) and I seriously loved the background details – the posters and billboards, the way the stone man turned around to look after them etc. etc.

Altogether, it was a feast for the eyes and made me even more excited for The Hobbit. If that’s possible.

*Speaking of Nuada, Deadra and me were equally impressed by Luke Goss‘ voice. An impression, which was completely destroyed after youtubing Bros. Either, his voice changed really, really late or he had some kind of voice distortion thingy.


8 thoughts on “Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

  1. I loved this film! Apart from the lead characters, Johann Krauss was so much fun to watch. Did you know that Seth MacFarlane gave his voice?

    ROFL @ “And why wasn’t she allowed to touch Red apart from his hands and his face?”. I am left wondering where else she could touch. :)

  2. Johann Krauss was fun – and yeah, I read about Seth MacFarlane. His German accent wasn’t bad, btw. Although, when he talked German is was pretty much crap. :)

    And Liz could have touched his chest, which is big and trained and naked most of the time, so that would have been something. She could have smacked his ass. Whatever… The thing is – there just wasn’t a sense of “oh, they are lovers”, when they touched.

  3. Touching his face doesn’t give the “oh, we’re lovers” sense?
    I saw it for my almost-birthday: 3 days before the actual thing when my father and cousins came and we went for the movie and dinner. I liked it, but it didn’t feel as great as I had expected after reading the reviews.

  4. I don’t know if it was really the fault of the touching, or if I just didn’t feel the chemistry…

    Anyway, it was a very great visual movie (which I expected) and the rest was okay (which I also expected). So – best movie of all times, no. Best creature design since a long time, definitely yes.

  5. @Kalafudra: “smacked his ass”? ROFL.

    But you are right, the chemistry wasn’t there. But you know, Selma Blair has an ice-queen demeanor. And it will be harder to build the chemistry when the protagonist is a red guy with an arm made out of stone.

    Who knows, maybe the ass-smack might have ignited the chemistry though.

  6. Well, anything that gets the chemistry going… if they need a bit of hitting to get things hot, who am I to judge? ;)

    Selma Blair usually is a fine actress. I don’t know what happened there.

  7. I think her smacking his ass would have fit their relationship perfectly. And I would have loved to see the look on Manning’s face when he witnessed it.

    But, dear kalafudra, you’re forgetting that this is a movie aimed at American audiences. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine to show a guy murdering his own father in cold blood so he can go on and slaughter humanity, to see a guy’s eyes eaten by a disgusting squid-ish creature, and so on, as long as there is no touching below the neck. Ever.

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