Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXII

People, tell me what’s up with Luca Toni? These days I get more hits by people looking for him than I do by people looking for Christian Bale or Ryan Reynolds. Which is a pretty new development.
And anyway, how come I get most hits for (pictures of) the hot guys? I write about so many things… like this:

“was paul dano in tropic thunder on the p”?

On the p-what, I don’t know, but it doesn’t really matter: I’m pretty sure that the answer to all the questions that could come from this beginning is no. As far as I know, Paul Dano had nothing to do with Tropic Thunder at all.

“how do you say quantum of solace in span[ish]”?

Seems like it goes untranslated in Spanish, but it depends on where you live. What it means is “cuanto de consolación”. [And I translated this with a dictionary, I don’t speak Spanish. I’m not responsible for any mistakes. :)]

But I tell you, be happy about that. In German, they translated it to “Ein Quantum Trost”, notwithstanding that in German, the word Quantum doesn’t actually exist. [If you want to translate it scientifically, it would be Quant and if you want to translate it for the meaning, the best version would have been Quäntchen, imo.]

Translations suck.

4 thoughts on “Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXII

  1. From the two of us, aren’t you the geek? :P
    Wikipedia says:

    In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is an indivisible entity of a quantity that has the same units as the Planck constant and is related to both energy and momentum of elementary particles of matter (called fermions) and of photons and other bosons. The word comes from the Latin “quantus,” for “how much.”

    In layman terms, I would say it means “a little bit”.

  2. :) I guess so. For the record, I know(knew) what a quantum means, at least as far as physics(and chemistry too, I guess) is concerned. Just didn’t know if you were getting at the same thing, seeing as “quantum of solace” is just weird, for a name.

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