Hostage to Pleasure (Nalini Singh)

Hostage to Pleasure is the fifth book in the Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh (my other reviews here). It’s the story of Dorian and Ashaya.


Did you see? A new blurb! It’s not Christine Feehan anymore, cherishing Nalini Singh as a major new talent!

Ashaya Aleine is one of the best doctors the Psy have and therefore in charge of Protocol I.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t agree with the protocol, so they have to use her son as leverage. And that’s not the only family trouble Ashaya has. So she resolves to get herself and her son out while she still can.
Dorian has problems of his own – the murder of his sister by a psy serial killer still weighs heavily on his shoulders, spiking his hunger for revenge. And his leopard is getting more and more restless because Dorian isn’t able to shift. When Ashaya comes into his life, this only adds to the confusion.


Somehow, I always say the same things about these books, don’t I?

Anyway, here we are again… :)

The overarching plot gets better and better and thicker and thicker and it’s just great. Singh makes it look so easy to stick to the rules of a world once you made them up that it makes one wonder about the countless authors, who constantly contradict themselves.

I liked that we get a full blown happy ending, with Dorian shifting and all.

And the whole thing with the twins – very interesting. There’s enough room and tension for three books just focussing on them…

Oh, I can’t wait for Branded by Fire… July isn’t so long off, is it?! I already pre-ordered… :)


  1. Of course I read the books. How would I get to the sex scenes otherwise? :P

    It’s been a while since I stared at Luca Toni. Probably should do it more often, he’s a good reason to stare. :)

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