Wild Embrace (Nalini Singh)

Wild Embrace is a collection of novellas in the Psy-Changeling Series by Nalini Singh.
Finished on: 13.5.2017
[Here are my reviews of the other books in the series.]

Wild Embrace is a nice collection that will please fans of the series. It’s probably not a good starting point if you want to get an impression of that particular series as it does require quite a bit knowledge of the world. I definitely enjoyed it, some parts of it more than others.

After the jump, I’ll talk about each of the novellas separately.

Echo of Silence

Human Tazia works as an engineer on a deep-sea station. She loves her job and everything about it. Part of that may be to do with her station commander Stefan. Unfortunately Stefan is Psy and that means Silent.

Echo of Silence is definitely one of the stronger stories in the series. I loved Stefan, and Tazia was an absolute cutie, they were a great couple and the entire story really made me smile.


Dorian is a leopard changeling who can’t actually shift – until he learns to do it and to deal with his cat.

This novella reads basically like a series of outtake scenes from Hostage to Pleasure. I enjoyed it, but I was also glad it didn’t go on longer than it did.

Partners in Persuasion

Wolf changeling Felix is a submissive and he just got out of a difficult and hurtful relationship with a dominant woman. So when dominant leopard changeling Dezi takes an interest in him, Felix is very hesitant. But there’s something about Dezi he can’t walk away from.

I absolutely loved Felix who hits pretty much all of my buttons. I also liked the role reversal (compared to the usual Singh stories) with the woman pushing and pursuing the man – even though she doesn’t really stick to that concept all the way through. Be that as it may, I simply loved Felix.

Flirtation of Fate

Wolf changelings Kenji and Garnet have known each other forever, but they haven’t seen each other in seven years – not since Kenji broke Garnet’s heart. But now they have to investigate a murder together, and that means facing their past together as well.

This story is mostly a police procedural and unfortunately I thought that the crime part was a little obvious. Kenji and Garnet’s story also didn’t work that much for me. Kenji made a very big decision for Garnet and that is not okay. I felt that this fact was too quickly forgotten. On the plus side: this story mentions TEH GAYS which I think is the first time ever in the entire series that we get to hear about not-straight people.

Summarizing: A very solid, sweet collection.

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