Harlequin offers 16 free books for its anniversary.

The Wergle Flomp Humour Poetry Contest.

Post about Writing Scams. Worth to read, not only for the info, but also for the plights of Ennis the Emo Unicorn:

Oh, to stab myself dead/ With this horn afixed my head.


I’m a magical creature/ A curly horn above my face/ Why won’t Katie let me past second base?

Diagram Prize for Oddest Title shortlist has been announced.

Alberto Manguel on the story of the Travelling Jew.


Wachowski Brothers to direct Superman? Chris Nolan already agreed to do Batman Three?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Now With More Cute!

Bad Oscar Jokes.

A member of the Academy walks into a bar. He starts chatting with the bartender, and the subject of who he nominated for “Best Original Song” comes up. The academy member says he really liked “Down to Earth” from “WALL-E” but couldn’t really think of anything else that was Oscar-worthy this year. Bruce Springsteen walks in and punches him in the face.

The Overthinking It Awards.

Lost in Austen to be Hollywood Film.

Wonderful short film:

Censors may be forced to watch porn alone – and don’t want to.

Round up of the Oscars:

When Miley Cyrus told news media that Angelina Jolie is her “favourite figure from history”, was it because she thinks that Jolie is Alexander the Great’s mother, Colin Farrell the King of Macedonia and Brad Pitt Achilles? Sure, why not?

Sophia Loren and Mickey Rourke were both at the Oscars ceremony. But how were we expected to tell them apart?


I think I may have found a new favourite instrument [More of that here]:

Scientists dance their PhDs. L., you being the only person I know working on their thesis: What would your dance look like?


Little Red Riding Hood and rape.

12 questions for pro-lifers. Plus, added in the comments:

if a frozen embryo stays frozen for 18 years, should it be allowed to vote?

Michelle Obama under press scrutiny.

We do not know what to do with this model. We can’t file Michelle Obama under WAG; she’s no Carla Bruni but she’s not frumpy, either. These style-appreciators seem to be lauding her for her sophisticated tastes, but are in fact saying “she’s a bit like a bloke”. The conservative press deals with its unease (“Is she a woman or a whole person? So hard to say!”) by making her sound like a transvestite. And the liberal press covers its confusion (“Is she a feminist pioneer? Or just a woman?”) by getting all sociological on her ass every time she wears a dress.

Bad, bad, bad Italy. What a crazy-ass-legislation is that?

Deadra recently pointed the Peters Projection out to me, an area accurate map of the world. As I had never heard of it before, I found it extremely interesting and thought I’d pass it along.


Now this is a fucking bad ad campaign.


Extinct bird found, photographed and then eaten.


Dollhouse premiere: A mixture of what she said and what she said.Will continue to watch, but am not entirely convinced.
You can read the first draft of the script here, btw.

The Middleman officially dead. *cry*

Completely Different Things

From now, all my party invitations will say: “Come tomorrow and sort this hell hole out. Dinner and drinks, Bring wine and caviar only.”

And this is exactly how I look if you hold a plate of cupcakes in front of my nose and don’t give me any.

Ever seen melted bricks?

13 thoughts on “Links

  1. had already seen the dance your phd-contest and now want to write a phd just so i can then dance it! (and you know who i’m going to ask to participate! ;) )
    pretty cool that they came up with it in vienna, too! did you watch last year’s winner? – lol

  2. @deadra:
    It does feel awesome, doesn’t it?

    And I thought you’d like the Nuking… :)

    So there are good things that come from Vienna?: :P
    Seriously, if you participate, you can have all my support. If you really want it. :)

    I found at leat three winners of last year, which one do you mean?

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