Top 10: Excuses Why There’s No Top 10 List

10. The dog ate it. [Shit, don’t have a dog.]

9. I overslept. [It’s quarter to six. In the evening.]

8. There were these ninjas and the cheese and squirrels! [If C. doesn’t do it, it’s not funny.]

7. I forgot. [Then why am I typing this?]

6. Nobody reads these things anyway. [Now I doubtlessly will have insulted all my readers. Don’t go! You’re great!]

5. I’m a creative black hole. All the creativity is there, but it doesn’t get out. Nothing does. *maniac laughter* [After insulting my readers, I will now have scared them away.]

4. Lists are so uncool. [But… but… I LOVE LISTS!]

3. You know, there was this thing at work and suddenly I had something to do and there was no time to blog and I’m really really sorry and I’ll try to do better. [This is kinda true.]

2. I don’t know.

1. Hang on, there is a top 10 list now! [Well… Kinda.]


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