Interview with Dave McKean.

Brian Dettmere’s Book Sculptures.

Wolverine Art for his Birthday.

Here’s a series of beautiful wave photos by Clark Little:



Paulo Coelho proves that he’s an asshole. Again.

This sounds wonderful: The Cat’s Meow.

Best booktitle ever?


I started a new book over at bookbitching, so if you want to drop by, you’re very welcome to. It’s the exciting story of a cruise ship tycoon, his mistress and their twins. [And that might be my next book.]

Children’s Classics with new illustrations. Though I don’t know whether Don Quixote can really be counted as a children’s book


Are you excited yet?


deadra rounds up movies to look forward to. At least in Austria. You might have seen some of the movies already if you live somewhere else. :)

This movie sounds abso-fucking-lutely hilarious

On mothers in movies.


Another great entry at Erotica Cover Watch.

Deadra has a (more or less) new blog- Puzzled Peaces – where she tackles mostly political things. This time, it’s all in English. Drop by and leave her a comment!

On growing up trans, and the nature of oppression and much more.

What’s Wrong With The Girls?


Bad Science – on the science used in advertisements and everyday life.

Completely Different Things

20 most riduculous complaints received by tour operators.

WTF? Fear of adolescents really can go too far



6 thoughts on “Links

  1. haaaeeehhh du musst mir bitte erklaern, was dich bei dem ausschnitt von “the room” zum lachen gebracht hat. ich checks einfach nicht. und was der mit austria zu tun hat, auch nicht. bitte?

    oh und happy birthday btw :)

    • Angeblich ist er Österreicher – aber man weiß es nicht so genau.

      Und zum Lachen gebracht hat mich einfach die absolute Schlechtigkeit von diesem Film. Die Dialoge sind lächerlich, das Schauspiel furchtbar, aber zusammen ergibt das Comedy pur…

      Danke schön :)

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