Sex and the Single Vampire (Katie MacAlister)

Sex and the Single Vampire is the second book in the Dark Ones Series by Katie MacAlister (my review of the first book – A Girl’s Guide to Vampires is here). It, too, is paranormal romance, although the comedy is slightly scaled back.

Allegra is a summoner, meaning she summons ghost for a living. Or she would if it actually worked for once. She travels to England to check out some haunted houses. Once there, she dreams about a really good-looking guy, lying in a basement, covered with cuts.
You can imagine her surprise when she stumbles upon the same guy – minus the cuts – in a bookshop. Christian.

sexandthesinglevampireSorry, couldn’t find a bigger picture…

I have to admit that I didn’t like this book in the series half as much as I liked the Girl’s Guide. I missed Joy as the narrator – it’s Allegra telling the story, although all the important people from the Girl’s Guide make their appearance. Allegra, while an interesting character, just didn’t have Joy’s charme.

And don’t even get me started on Christian. I could have knocked his head in more or less all the time. While I do appreciate a good alpha male, he crossed the line into assholeness several times. And I know that that made his character more realistic – he’s several centuries old so his views and values are bound to be out-dated, it seriously disturbed me.

Also, the whole ghost thingy… I know they were meant to be funny, but they were more unnerving than anything else. 

Now I don’t know whether I’ll go on reading the series, in the hopes that the next narrator will be as great as Joy, or whether I should stop there and keep Book One in fond memory while I forget the rest of the series ever existed… We’ll see.

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