Asking for Trouble (Kristina Lloyd)

Asking for Trouble is an erotic novel by Kristina Lloyd. [Who, btw, is also co-author of the great Erotica Cover Watch.]

Beth has her life very well under control. Especially the men around her – her lover, her best friend and sometimes lover. When mysterious Ilya moves into the house opposite hers, this control starts to slip. Ilya wants to know her deepest and darkest fantasies, and not only that, he wants to make them come true. But Beth isn’t sure if that’s such a good idea, since they’re pretty dark and sleazy. Yet she somehow can’t seem to resist Ilya.

Asking for Trouble was what an erotic novel should be like. Not only was it steaming hot, but it also had an interesting story line and great characters. And it was well written. Even if you don’t kink for the kind of sex presented in the novel, it’s definitely worth a read.


Both Beth and Ilya were fascinating characters. It felt like Beth was a real woman, not some innocent little girl, not some kind of jaded whore, not some perfect brat. She knew what she wanted and she went for it, sexually and in the other areas of her life. And she’s a woman who I can say I admire. And that doesn’t happen, usually.
Ilya on the other hand is a real man, not one of those pretty boys or – how men are usually described in erotica – with beautiful, sculpted features and completely hairless. [As a fan of chest hair, I can only say: YAY!] Anyways, he oozes sex and yet at the same time, you’re a little afraid of him. You know he’s a bad boy, but that doesn’t make his charm as is so often the case. Quite to the contrary, I couldn’t help finding him incredibly sexy even though, rationally, I really didn’t want to. He behaved like an asshole most of the time, was untrustworthy and just plain dangerous.

Well. Ilya and Beth explore Beth’s fantasies, which are mostly of the sleazy kind. Beth likes to be degraded, she likes to feel filthy. Now, that might not be your cup of tea but these were still some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever read. Lloyd doesn’t use euphemism till you want to barf, but is confident enough to call things by their proper names (THANK GOODNESS!). And there’s a lot of tension between her characters. And they’re just very, very hot.

The story is exciting itself and not just some decoy to write sex scene after sex scene. Stuff goes on here. Outside the bedroom. And you want to know what happens next.

So, I guess what I’m saying is: If you like erotica, you should really, really read this book.

4 thoughts on “Asking for Trouble (Kristina Lloyd)

  1. Wow, thanks for such a thoughtful, positive response! I love your take on Ilya – that’s totally how I wanted him to appear: he’s not some loveable rogue or a mere rebel against convention. He’s in a different league all together. I loved writing him – so hot, so dangerous, and such a subtle bastard. Oh, and a fool.

    Thanks again!

    • Now it’s my turn to say WOW. I’ve reviewed a lot of books here, but I don’t think that I have ever had a direct reaction from an author before. I feel honoured.

      [In fact, my first reaction after seeing your comment was – after closing my mouth – to punch the air and scream, “FAME AT LAST!” ;)]

      In any case, I loved reading your book (and I’m a big fan of Erotica Cover Watch), so you totally made my day by stopping by and commenting.

      And I think it’s pretty apparent from the book that you loved writing Ilya (and Beth), which is great for the reader as well.

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