My Soul to Lose (Rachel Vincent)

My Soul to Lose is a novella by Rachel Vincent. It’s the prequel to her Soul Screamer Series and can be downloaded for free here [pdf]. It’s mostly for YA.

Kaylee just wants to be a normal teenager, but – as so many others in the YA department – she isn’t. One day in the mall, she has a panic attack and, though she fights it, she starts to scream and can’t stop. Plus she sees some weird shadows. Kaylee ends up in a psychiatric station, where she meets Lydia who isn’t a normal teenager, either.

My Soul to Lose is a good prequel, detailed enough so you know what direction the books will probably take and open enough so that it still can be different. But it left me, personally, rather cold. I wasn’t interested enough to pick up a sequel and, in fact, I had completely forgotten that I had read it at all (even though it was only two and a half months ago). [Except that I’m OC and I write like everything down. So that’s how you get this review.]



My Soul to Lose wasn’t bad, it was just so completely… bland… If it had been worse, I’d have remembered it. If it had been better, I’d have remembered it. Instead it’s just so average that it goes into your head and out of it again without you really noticing.

As I said, it wouldn’t have been bad as a prequel from the whole structure and what it explains and what it doesn’t explain. But it didn’t make me care about Kaylee to pick up the rest of the books. Maybe I’m just a little tired of the SPESHUL SPESHUL GIRL WHO DOESN’T WANT TO BE SPESHUL story line.

I’m not sure – the details are a little fuzzy in my head – but it’s extremely obvious that Kaylee screams when somebody around her is about to die. And I think that that wasn’t supposed to be revealed just yet. But then again, the tagline “The last thing you hear before you die” already made me extremely suspicious. So it only took the scene in the mall to convince me of that.
[Maybe in the next book it turns out that that was completely not it and she screams when, I don’t know, demon’s around her corrupt people’s souls or something, but I don’t think so.]

Oh well. You can take a look at the prequel, it’s a really quick read and see if you like it. But it’s not really a must read.

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