Up (2009)

Up is the newest Pixar movie, directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson and starring the voices of Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai, Delroy Lindo and Bob Peterson.

After the death of his wife, Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) became bitter from grief. When the city around him changes and his constantly pestered by people who want to buy his house, he decides to finally fulfill the life long dream he and his wife had and travel to South America. For that, he ties thousands of balloons to his house and just takes off with it. Unfortunately, he overlooks Russell (Jordan Nagai), a boy scout obsessed with helping him, on his porch and takes him with him.

Up has been getting rave reviews and I think that I just have to get in line there. They hype is certainly justified: It’s sweet and funny and beautifully done.

Up tells many stories (more than you’d think possible in a 96 minute film) but at its heart is a wonderful love story. The story of Carl and Ellie is recaptured in the beginning of the movie and manages to transmit a life time worth of emotions in minutes and without many words. It’s one of the best sequences of the film and probably my favourite.

But the rest of the movie is amazing as well. And it’s really very funny. I loved the dogs *squirrel*. And Kevin. And the way the relationship developed between Carl and Russell.

And the actors were great. Jordan Nagai especially. There’s a lot of talent in this boy and I hope it doesn’t go to waste because his Asian.

Finally, I did have a problem with the mystification of South America: why not just have them travel to some weird island that doesn’t really exist instead of using an enitre and pretty populated continent as the exotic land of magical creatures?

Summarising, Up is another great addition by Pixar to the animated movies around and one you shouldn’t miss.

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