La Pivellina (2009)

[La Pivellina was the opening film of the Viennale.]

La Pivellina [which means “little girl” in the Italian Circus Slang, thanks to *’s mum for the research] is a movie by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel, starring Patrizia Gerardi, Walter Saabel, Tairo Caroli and Asia Crippa.

Patti (Patrizia Gerardi) finds a two-year old girl (Asia Crippa) abandoned on a playground and takes her home – a trailer park of a small local circus. Once there, she finds a note from the mother in the girl’s pocket, asking her to look after the child for a few days while she gets her life back into control. Together with her husband Walter (Walter Saabel) and the young Tairo (Tairo Caroli), Patti faces the challenge.

I liked La Pivellina. Nothing much happens, but the characters are really nice. It’s not a must-see but a definite can-see.

Since I don’t think that you have heard of this movie, here a few facts: all of the actors where amateurs who more or less played themselves. They had worked together with the two directors before, on a documentary about the life in a small circus like theirs. The script was written specifically for them. Asia Crippa might be the cutest child ever.

La Pivellina has a definite documentary feel to it, though it’s not set up that way. It quite clearly is a fictional story. But still, a trace of documentary remains.

That might be because of the amateur actors. They weren’t bad but they basically had to play themselves and I’m pretty sure that they would have difficulties with playing someone else.

The ending remains unresolved. I didn’t mind – it’s not a story that needs an explicit ending to end all endings.

It was an interesting look at the life in a circus like that. The poverty and hardship but also the tight community and strong sense of family, of belonging with each other .

And did I mention that Asia Crippa was incredibly cute?

It’s hard to say anything about it. It’s sweet, it’s worth to see it if you happen upon it and it was an interesting opening for the Viennale. [And the first Austrian movie to be the opening film.]


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